About Robo Dana

About Pooyesh Robotic Dana©

Pooyesh Robotic Dana© (RoboDana) has started its activities since September 2014 at the research center of Qazvin Islamic Azad University (QIAU). The members of this company are highly educated and experienced in scientific fields such as artificial intelligence, machine vision, smart control, Mechanics and etc. From commercial and manufacturing perspective, RoboDana company has utilized valuable experience of their founders to cooperate and collaborate with several types of industrial companies.

Various types of professional activities are carried out in this company such as Modeling, Control, Motion Planning, Vision, Automation, developing robotic industrial automation in product lines, professional consultant services and etc.

Design and implementation of fix based industrial manipulators like articulated and parallel robots are main activities being developed by our members. In addition, design and implementation of exploration and inspection robots are other products being manufactured in this company.

Our Team

Babak Karasfi

CEO, Co-founder

Mohammad Mahdi Kheirikhah

Director of Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, Co-founder


Mehran Mehralian

Chairman of BOD, Co-founder


Mohammad Esmaeili

Director of Software and Vision Systems, Co-founder


Amir Razaz Hashemi

Mechanical Director Assistant